Retail Reinvented: A Multi-Cloud Migration Success Story for a Global Retail Conglomerate

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Our esteemed client is a global retail conglomerate with an extensive portfolio of renowned brands. Renowned for their commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and staying at the forefront of innovation, our client has established a strong presence in the competitive world of retail. Their diverse range of brands spans various industries and regions, making them a true global leader. This cloud migration project reflects their vision to modernize and streamline their IT infrastructure, enabling them to provide consistent, innovative, and cost-effective services to their customers across the globe.

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30% Reduction in IT Infrastructure Costs


Uptime and Reliability


Global Consistence Across Locations


Faster Time-to-Market for New Services

The Challenge

Our client, a leading retail conglomerate with a diverse portfolio of brands, faced a significant challenge related to their dispersed IT infrastructure. Managing multiple data centers across regions resulted in inefficiencies, high operational costs, and difficulties in ensuring consistent customer experiences across online and physical stores.

What did
we do

To address the client’s challenges and modernize their IT infrastructure, we initiated an extensive cloud migration project:

Infrastructure Assessment: We conducted a comprehensive assessment of the client’s existing infrastructure, identifying legacy systems and applications suitable for migration to the cloud.

Multi-Cloud Strategy: Recognizing the need for flexibility, we devised a multi-cloud strategy that encompassed AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for different applications and regions.

Migration Planning: Our team meticulously planned the migration, focusing on workload optimization, data transfer strategies, and security enhancements.

Migration Execution: We executed a phased migration, transitioning critical workloads to the respective cloud platforms while ensuring minimal disruptions to operations.

Cost Optimization: Post-migration, we implemented cost optimization measures to monitor and control cloud expenses effectively.

The Results

The technology that we use to support our client

Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
AWS Data Sync
Azure Data Factory
AWS Cost Explorer
Azure Cost Management
GCP Cost Management

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