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Frequently Asked Questions

How can techfeo help with IT Solutions ?

We specialize in providing a wide range of IT Solutions. With our products and services, we can solve your business problems in various operations like management, production, marketing, sales, etc.

Be it a small business website or complex custom software for your business operations, we can cover it all.

How can going online help my business ?

In this modern age, the internet has penetrated almost every household. Hence going online will help you establish your identity online. People will be able to find and know about you online. Moreover, you can also sell online. Hence we could say that going online will get you more brand reach and more business.

What business sectors do you serve?

We provide products & services to almost all small and medium business sectors. We call ourselves the technology partner rather than just the service provider for the businesses that our clients have.

I have a startup idea, how can you help ?

If you are looking for a technology product for your startup, we can help you develop it right from scratch can also help you with proper feedback from our experts. If you are planning any other startups, we can help you incorporate technology products and services to make your operations more organized and efficient.

Are your services expensive ?

No, as we mostly serve small and medium scale businesses in the market, we make sure that our products or services are not an additional liability for your business. We provide dynamic pricing for all businesses to keep it affordable for you.

Is it necessary to have an in house technical team for my business?

Having an inhouse technical team totally depends on the type of business you are doing. You can always partner with us to deliver much better than your technical team.

I am a small business owner, how can your services help me ?

Our services like web development, mobile application development can help you go online and market your self or sell your products or services online. Going online will always be beneficial for every business category. Moreover, we have many products that can help small businesses to conduct their operations more smoothly and in a systematic manner.

In what all locations do you provide your services ?

Although we are based in Hyderabad, India, we provide services worldwide. We have served our clients in 15+ countries till date.

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