Women safety has always been something that was always talked about and worried about in India. We were approached by an organisation to help them plan and develop a security app for all its Women members so that it can help them contact people in case of any unforeseen emergencies.

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Designing and developing a efficient SOS solution along with geo fencing and a peer to peer network was a major challenge that was to be planned and sorted out for the core idea that the app stood for.


After considering all requirements and challenges, we designed a complete solution with our mobile application which supported the app concept of having geo fencing and peer to peer networking techniques along with SOS features.


As a result we were able to solve all the challenges that were present in building the solution.

The app was able to allow users to add security contacts along with creating a peer to peer network along with geo-fencing to help the user stay connected to nearest person for help.

SOS features were added to alert nearest Police Station and family members along with sending live camera and voice feed to the server.

Hybrid Mobile Application was developed.

*Few screens have not been disclosed to maintain the confidentiality.