A technology startup by a young and motivated individual in a tier 2 city of India is into LunchBox delivery services. Offering their services through a technology platform posed a challenge for them to get a custom ERP solution that would help them manage all their operations and also mobile applications for client and delivery end.

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IT Consulting, Web Application Development and Mobile Application Development, Application Maintenance


Designing and developing a custom ERP solution covering all their operation modules was a major challenge. All the workflows were defined and a solution was planned accordingly.

The challenge with delivery app was to generate shortest navigation path from source to destination with multiple pickup and drop points.

All destination locations and the radius for orders from the locations had to be manually controlled.


After considering all requirements and challenges, we designed a complete solution consisting of a Web Admin to manage all aspects of the business, a client mobile application to receive orders and subscriptions and a delivery app for delivery and tracking.


As a result we were able to solve all the challenges that were present in building the solutions.

The app was able to take orders and subscription within a particular radius that was set by the admin. User App was loaded with many features such as subscriptions management, orders management, online payments etc,.


The delivery app was able to receive orders we were able to generate shortest distance based on time from source to destination with multiple pickup and drop points.

Map navigation was integrated

Admin was able to manage orders, delivery boys and clients with ease and seamless reporting features were developed.

Hybrid Mobile Application was developed for Client and Delivery